Time to finish, for the moment, this attempt of an old PC restoration, I have remember a lot aside of learning a few new tricks that I want to put in test out later on.

So... how it went?

Indeed! All went great to my happiness for this first experiment, I know that I can improve it later on and will revisit this machine later, since I tested a couple of ISA cards of my collection and they are detected perfectly!

Sadly, the installation of Windows 95 on the hard disk don´t have the "WIN95" folder, and I currently don´t have at hand the CD and floppy’s and need to fix that situation. Either way is probable that I will return this computer to Windows 3.11, I have a few old computers to check out before deciding that.

Check out a bit of that sweet sweet classical BIOS, checking the BIOS date, that computer is going to be 27 years old next August! Another interesting details, this unit was manufactured in Mexico!

Aside of the test record in the video I went to play several rounds of Solitaire as the costume dictates!

And here we have it! Again with the case closed and much happier that the first time I powered its circuits!

My next steps in this old computers restoration adventure, before dealing with another really old machine, is to put in conditions at least one "a bit less old" computer to have a machine were I can install floppy drives and other things I need to have to deal with things like old software, a Windows 98 and/or XP machine.

First candidate... an old Pentium III 750 MHz, that really needs some tlc... will see how that goes! The little note says "watch out with the cooler" lol