This is a long awaited episode for me and Keith; we finally have Conlee Benson on! We have been wanting to have her tag along with us for quite a while now, specifically to discuss the electoral college being certified by congress. Well, as you all know, that isn't exactly what happened yesterday. So, in the wake of the events that have transpired we chose to talk with her more about what those events mean and what they could bring to the rest of 2021.

I really wish I had more content to share with you on this episode, but we recorded at distance with no camera because Keith wasn't feeling well today. Instead I'll talk a little bit about how we managed to record this audio at the quality we did during this COVID season, just incase you need to get quality audio from a distance too.

There's a completely free (at the time of this being written) browser based software called Source Connect Now that allows you to have audio only connections at a very high bandwidth. Now to put that simply, it's a service that makes HD calls on your computer. It's pretty awesome and sounds way better than Skype or Zoom for recording.

So all I really have to do is setup the call and then use my recording interface's "Loop" control to record it in my recording software in real time! It doesn't feel as good as meeting in person, but it lets us deliver a high quality product to you all; even at a distance.

Anyways, I hope you can take a moment to check the episode out today and let us know what you think! You can reach us here or on any of our social medias @BWLTPodcast.

Thank you so much for the support!