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THE BOOK took time to write.  Divorce, Cancer, failure and goodbyes had to happen.  I took time to Become a Preservationist.  I fought hard to Save my New History.   I did write THE BOOK.  You will love it.  If you have ever lost history, you need this story.  If you are fighting to save your history, You will fall in love with your fight.  Hope is all around.  This hope I bring to you will inspire you to Celebrate History & Create More!

Today I have created an Extreme Digital Home.  I have collected all the RARE PEOPLE, PLACES and VOICES that inspired the hope in me along my journey.   Saving History Almost killed me.  Now I Am LIVING HISTORY.  Your Mission, your families, your community needs this story.  

Fall in love with History!  Be a part of IAMRAREpresents.  Thank you for the coffee!  This is going to be something good,  I PROMISE.


Colleen Liz Frost

P.S.  THE BOOK & THE PLAY Launching FALL of 2022!  Follow my Facebook Page & Youtube Channel to Celebrate the Wins along my way!