WARNING: I'm going to take you inside my head for a minute.

This is my "Love More" days. The Pigeon Principles! 3rd Tuesdays of the month. I plan on talking to MY PIGEON the rest of my life. (I can't wait for you to meet my BRAND PIGEON COMING SOON!)

As some of you know, I like to be alone. Not the best at social skills. When you peek inside my head, you will understand I'm never alone.....SHUT UP...not you, that was Larry.......ok, Grab your coffee, or your meds....

First. My dad was a famous boxer. Mike Tyson is one of my favorite redemption stories. He loves Pigeons. My Dad will be in part of MY PIGEON forever.......

Quick. (I have something so special coming and MY PIGEON story is in OUR BOOK - SO YES, I am so excited..... The Goal is August. )

Next. In the meantime, we gave Mother a hundred Dove send off to heaven with the help of her loved ones graveside last June. Doves, of course are PIGEONS & they represents LOVE.

Next. Pigeons are world wide, & MY PIGEON came back. This gave me comfort at the Batcher Block Opera House in Staples, MN. MY PIGEON was with me many lonely, long days & nights while on my Mission to the National Register of Historic Places.

Next. I hope to share their wonderful History. I will journey with MY PIGEON until I die in my sleep at 103 & sit with my Parents. We will watch the cabbage roses as they bloom, in the garden.

Last. Oh, and thank you for letting me share WHO I AM. I am building my history with the help of the Social Skills of MY PIGEON! I want my GRANDKIDS to have a record of their grandmother's colorful history!

Done. Fly with us and please watch the video, I found stuff that does stuff. (VIDEO ON PUBLIC FACEBOOK/YOUTUBE) My grandkids are going to love me more! I will see to it with my fundamentals of PIGEONHOOD!

ok bye

co, #33

omgosh. LARRY!........LARRY!........put my bat down, please... That is for the fly rock concerts!!!!!

oh, not you guys......That's Larry, again......