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Hey 👋 I just created a page here. You can now buy me a coffee! I Love Lucifer The Podcast  (Click the link to listen!) is a female-driven, fully acted, scripted comedy/horror with epic sound design. I’m trying to keep this short, but definitely want to convey how unique the show is... (think “What We Do in The Shadows” meets “Shaun of the Dead” meets “Bridesmaids”.)

Smack dab in the middle of Covid,  I convinced my producing partner, Don Priess, that we should take our  screenplay, I Love Lucifer, based on a concept we developed with Max Brooks (World War Z/The Zombie Survival Guide) and produce it as an AudioDrama. (I mean - why not?! It’ll be easy. Hahaha!)

So, we began production October 2020 and just completed our first season on September 15th, 2021. The series features a diverse ensemble of close to 40 actors, including me and fan-favorite Adam Levy (Netflix's The Witcher and HBO's Industry) in 10 hilarious and scary episodes. 

As indie producers wearing so many hats, I’m proud to share some accomplishments we have achieved since launching July 15th:

Featured in Lauren Passell’s Podcast The NewsletterFeatured in Arielle Nissenblatt’s  EarBuds Podcast CollectiveLive read promo (read by me) that ran last week in the pre-roll Squadcast’s popular podcast “Between 2 Mics” Featured on Homepage of Stitcher in the recommended top ten list for True Crime (I know!!) along with Dr. Death!Stitcher is also featured us during their “CREEPY SPOOKY TRUE CRIME WEEK” promotion Oct. 4-9 on the Carousel Homepage Collection - for the week We are listed #3 on Goodpods top ten Indie Podcasts Our Apple Podcast Rankings for Oct:Position 20 in the category Drama (South Africa)Position 35 in the category Fiction (South Africa)Position 79 in the category Drama (Australia)Position 150 in the category Fiction (Australia)Position 169 in the category Drama (United States)We are semi-finalists in the Script 2 Comics Competition.We have been nominated for all 7 categories in the New Show division in the Audio Verse Competition - voting just ended for the first round.

We have always seen this as a vibrant IP/potential franchise and with the podcast we are well-positioned to move into a variety of other platforms - graphic novel, TV, and film. Whatever!!

Sorry for all the intel! But I wanted to do my best to impress and hopefully compel you to want to support our endeavor that has been built on sweat-equity so far.

Thanks in advance! 
Much love,

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