This week was all about planning and gathering the tools and skills necessary to facilitate the building of a preparedness plan. We are learning to think out loud, understanding that supporting processes are helpful and embracing the value of unique, creative, inquisitive minds. All this is setting ourselves up for the future. The methodology expressed here is a singular way of planning, but constructed from decades of formal planning experience, in the military and public service. How do we make sure the art of planning is used to its fullest extent, but simplified so that everyone excels and sees themselves in the results. If you make the plan, you are far more likely to follow the plan than if you simply downloaded a PDF checklist. So the strategy facilitates that plan construction. Next week we are bringing together the data from these first four weeks into actually constructing the preparedness plan. We will learn all about critical infrastructure and how that serves as the framework for developing a preparedness plan in the modern urban environment.