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I bear the entire cost of writing and maintaining IV Words to provide environmental and social justice news that isn't otherwise being covered, and to call bullshit when I see it. For less than the cost of a cup of fancy coffee, you can help ensure IV Words remains viable. Thanks!

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IV Words is a forward-looking and -thinking blog where every post is an introduction to what's happened and/or what comes next in economic inequality, the environment, the climate crisis, government, gun violence, politics, progressive causes, social justice and "the way it is."Guest posts welcome.  |  [email protected]  |  701-261-0867

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Keep grinding.

Wow, I'm honored. Thank you so much, Bob. I hope all is well with you. Stay safe. Stay healthy. Stay home. :-)

"Keep grinding" - Ha! I just got it....

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Here's a slurp from me.

Thanks so much, Paul! I really appreciate it! Hope all's well with you.

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Thank you, Gorgeous!

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Love you babe