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IV Words is a forward-looking and -thinking blog where every post is an introduction to what's happened and/or what comes next in economic inequality, the environment, the climate crisis, government, gun violence, politics, progressive causes, social justice and "the way it is."Guest posts welcome.  |  [email protected]  |  701-261-0867

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A person needs to have a cup a joe now and then. Enjoy.

Thanks, Norm! Especially need one or two on a true North Dakota January day like today, eh?

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Aunt & Uncle: What can I say? Thank you so much for supporting me and my blog, especially as my very first MEMBER account. If I could just get about 1,299 people just like you to become members, I could quit my day job. :-) I hope all is well. Say hi to everyone from us, please. Martin

You are very welcome, Martin. We need leaders like you. These turbulent times are thirsty for your WORDS.

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Bradford! Thank you so much for helping to keep the IV Words flowing! Contributions from people like you make all the difference. I'm glad you found something valuable or something to agree with in one or more posts. Please keep coming back. If you'd like to make sure you never miss a post, please sign up for my weekly recap e-blast - Thanks again. Have a great weekend. Martin

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