Sooooo as of this post, I'm currently posted in Arizona. Just released SEASON 3 EPISODE 1 of The Sesh With Dream! find that here . I also have put up two new shirts for the smokers circle clothing. You can find those here . I vowed to keep consistent with my blogs and i haven't been lately. I want to bring you guys new things every time but i need to remember the reality of the situation. I'm working alone so consistently creating content is hard to do. But, it's not impossible.

Im exploring ways to provide more content. I actually have a few videos that are not released yet that i'm waiting to put out.All in due time :) Idk about you, but the fact I need to figure out shit on the fly makes me see how resourceful I can be. I helps push me to new limits. WAAAAY out of my comfort zone. This doesn't mean that you'll be able to do things out of nowhere tho. You need to open your mind to the different things life has to offer. You'd be surprised at what you can identify with!

I ended the Sesh this week with a song by Meek Mill titled " Give em Hope". The song captures the mood that we are on right now here at The Smoker's Circle. I know for a fact that i've helped others realize that they too can follow their dream. I love it. Maybe that's what my purpose it.Ever thought about yours? It's ok to not know what it time goes on,it will be way clearer tho. Your meant to be great.

As always,

Thanks for stopping by and lending me your time! Stay blessed and stay motivated and don't let nobody get you down! THIS IS.....Dream and im out!