The way things are done now with my brands is a bit CRAZY. na jk jk . chaotic ? idk what exactly id call it. It’s def different. I now have two online landing spots for ppl to buy my merch. I had to do this in order to have some of my current stickers and better quality hoodies and accessories would have a spot to be displayed at.


I do this by having a featured posts section on the top of the landing page.You should def check it out when you get a chance. I’ll make sure to drop the link here. ( I also included a little more about the brand on their with a story section.I’ll post a few things there about the stores but will always post here first. I know content isnt all that sells. having more items in the physical form will def help. I’ll work to that as time goes on. I feel like I’ve been able to establish an identity now. thats kinda been the goal too.


I have my playlist set for the podcast and i'm hoping I can finally record the 6th episode for season 3, I think i need a spot i can record at at least a few times a month.Might look into that soon tho. For now, im working on a few things that will for sure have your head spinning to check it out! Until next time, STAY BLESSED AND STAY MOTIVATED! shake the negative and if you need some motavation, tap in on social media. You aren’t alone! I appreciate yall!