The closer it gets to the anniversary of my mom's passing, the more i start waking up with ALOT of different music in my head. Started the day with big sean, switched it up with Ozzy and black sabbath, now listening to one of moms favorite songs to sing and clean the house to. It’s a bittersweet feeling to sit and reminisce , but i think this is how we humans are supposed to deal with emotions. We are supposed to face it all head on and learn from it all. Maybe this is why history repeats itself? Because we see what happens but we don't read between the lines or look at the situation from another angle.

It reminds me of a movie i saw once. in the movie, it would cycle through different characters in the same time frame that the movie was taking place in. I'm high so let me explain lol the movie takes place during a shoot out or robbery if I'm not mistaken, but , that hour or so that the movie is about, is shifted between the narrative of the 5 (i think ) main characters. being able to see something from other eyes helps more than you would think. Sometimes we blind ourselves with emotion and we miss the details. Its crazy but seeing it from all vantage points can save you from unnecessary stress. life is a crazy bitch sometimes. Just gotta keep pushing forward. On that note, New products will be released soon so stay tuned. Join the Circle. The Smoker’s Circle.