My entire way of thinking summed up in three words. DREAMS NEVER DIE. I had a guy tell me once that I was delusional. Maybe he’s right.Or maybe he just gave up.So many of us do, and, although they tell you other wise, sometimes quitting is the best thing you could ever do.Don’t judge me on that tho, just peep game.

I used to think that no matter what I thought I could accomplish,( and I definitely am aware of the infinite possibilities ) , That things would have to be the way I wanted or I had failed.I beat myself up mentally, physically EVERY DAY SINCE THE AGE of 15.I know people who been in pain for way longer than me, i’m not here to compete about who had it harder. My point is, I know i’m not the only one.

I had a friend that always told me to keep pushing! I had relationships were I was told that quitting is not something you do when you love someone.With time, I believed in all that BS.I started to think the same way. Why would me quitting bring any good? Always taught to push through, no mater what. You’re sick? power through. You’re sad? Power through. FUUUUUUCKK. How much power do I need cause I don’t think I got what it takes.

That last statement might trigger some. We all say things we don’t mean out of emotion.What type of person just lets go and gives up on things? Want to know? Someone who is ready to change. See, we get wrapped up in the way we have been doing things for so long. We’re def creatures of habit. Maybe it’s time more of us start a new habit. START QUITTING ON SHIT THAT ISN’T HEALTHY FOR YOU.

Why do we sit here and allow ourselves to live in situations where we aren’t happy? We have so many different ways that we can shape our life. Why do we limit ourselves to just misery? Knowing when to fold that hand and when to play the cards of life is major key in success.Which side of it do you prefer to be on?

My dreams make me happy. Knowing that I want to devote my life to creating a platform and community that can help usher in change is what fuels me. Much like my mother (rest in paradise momma <3), I love to help people. When i was younger i’d find pride in being able to see someone grow. When I started hating myself was when I stopped thinking of that, and started thinking about myself. 

QUIT THAT NEGATIVE SHIT! Not more I can say except for the fact that quitting, is actually healthy. Now, this isn’t make you think that you need to go all out and quit on life. NO. Not like that.Just learn to quit on the shit that isn’t helping you be happy.Some things will never bring you joy and you know it.Let it go! Embrace the things that bring you joy and maintain your goal within reach. That has helped me more than anything lately.

DREAMS NEVER DIE… more of a way of life for me. a motto. a creed. insert other synonyms here lol My job gives me a work life balance that allows me to earn some payroll and also have time for fam and my graphic/ad work.I could have a standard ass security job but I get to spend my days at a music hall. I get to go home to My better half who makes me feel like i can do anything. 

The dream to use my talents and my time to make the best life for me nd mine, ALL THE WHILE changing the world.. sounds like a sure bet right? Wouldn’t you want the life you know you deserve? Give up on the shit you can’t control. Focus on what you can. In the words of WALLO267 , “And its just, like, THAT”!

Stay Blessed and Stay Motivated and Don’t Let Nobody Bring You Down.




cici is lyfe <3