The end of the year is upon us! The last few months before we set up for a whole ass new year.Stores start giving you deals out of no where and also, jobs start reminding you that they’re family too.What a time to be alive right? lol With work life and home life both going strong, I can now start to develop a new pattern for my day to day.Learning my schedule and my girls schedule has been fun lol I’ll get it down soon. I been too distracted with how amzing my life is at the moment.Im beyond happy.


On the biz side of things, The ban FB had put on me is now over! However, I havent started a new campeign yet :/ I need to get my campiegn set up so I can start it soon tho. I haven’t forgot, i’m just biding my time untill I have things set the right way.The time for trial and error is over and it’s time to push to the next step.We have the technology.Time to apply the science :)


The Smokers Circle will have an array of new designs popping up including our new BBW collection. “Big Boys Winnin” will be the next set of designs pushed by The Smokers Circle. I’ve had this one chillin for the right time.It has finally arrived :) . A couple more designs will be made soon as well and it will be fun to see how they’re recieved. Time for us big boys to win more :)


That seems to be my motto for life right now. Big Boy’s winnin. Finally. Thankfully.I’ve been able to stay a float in life thanks to many family and friends who have always been there when I needed them most.It’s been a road full of ups and downs but man...right now..I’m happy. What more can I ask for? My next goals will be shared soon with you guys.


The podcast has been on the back burner latley. I did record something for it but I haven’t actually edited the content yet. I plan to have one more episode of music before having a mid season change up.I’ll be talking about mental health and the stigma in the male community about having to stay strong and never show weakness.I beat myself up alot.Specially about things I can’t control.It’s more common than you think.We just never say anything.


I’m changing that.Me and many of my peers will be sharing stories and discussing the topic itself.We started thinking about it with our communities in mind.That’s just one place to start.We are hoping to create a change that will marinate in the minds of many and lead to less people destroying themselves to regain peace of mind..Lets hope we can achieve that with the help of everyone we know.All it takes is one person to spread the word and the rest will listen.


I appreciate every single one of you for always checking in and peeping out the content.Don’t forget to check all the stores we have for you guys! From to , we thank you for your support!


Stay blessed and stay motivated and never let anyone get you down.






ps. cici is lyfe <3