As a an artist, i’ve managed to make major improvements. The last week was more of a chill week where I worked on the new episode of the podcast.It took me a while tho.It’s still not done.FACEPALM. It will be tho.It’s my last week at the Janky Baybies Estate so my time consisted of art in the mornings, Followed by Roscoe Janky Mear Baybie the third chillin with me while his owner HB Danny would work, and some studying.

My evenings were dedicated to learning more about how to animate.It’s something that I never thought I would get into honestly.Having watched a lot of cartoons growing up, and never in my life did I think to myself “ I want to grow up and make cartoons”. The One thing I wanted to do the most was make music.

That has changed tho.And with the advancements in tech, I have the tools that poses the versatility to make anything.Well, Not EVERYTHING, but everything that I enjoy.I can make music, movies, and even make the designs you now see and will soon love.These skills are helping the brands grow. How you ask? Well you didn’t, but I’ll let you know!

The Smokers Circle Clothing has been my experiment/dream since it’s inception. The way we’ve been able to create the many designs we now have available has not only caught peoples attention, but also ushered in new ideas.Thinking about those for the last month, I made a plan to begin growing my second brand.

DRMZNVRDIE has been my baby for a while now. More than just words I live by, DRMZNVRDIE is a brand I am building in memory of my family.My Mother and Father came to this country young and have been working their whole life. My father had been told to retire by his doctor but he definitely didn’t listen.Now residing south of the border, He owns and operated a small food cart in his spare time.This man has worked his whole life and hates not doing anything.Thankfully, i’ve inherited his work ethic.It took forever for me to activate it tho.

My mother was also here since a young age.She came with my Grandfather at the age of 15 If i’m not mistaken. Working the fields, she too worked her whole life. Unfortunately, my mother passed away from cancer in 2008. Although her passing was one of the worst moments of my life, It triggered a series of events that would change me into the man she always wanted me to be.

DRMZNVRDIE is in memory of my mother and her dedication to always making things happen for our family.For all the long nights when she stayed up to make sure I would make it home safe.Her faith was there till the end.It will represent the faith to believe that you can accomplish anything.It will represent the dedication and work ethic it takes to accomplish your dreams for you and the ones you love.It will also be in memory of my great uncle.He sacrificed it all for his family.

These three were the pillars for my family. And although my father and I had never had the best relationship when I was growing up,I learned a lot in the short time I’ve had around him.My great uncle made me want to be the protector for my family the way he was when he was alive.My entire family has taught me a lot. I’m thankful for it all.And I will continue to share all that they taught me with the world.

I unveiled this brand earlier last year but haven’t put up many of the designs yet.I want to do it properly.The Smokers Circle has been my experiment and soon to be a staple in the 420 community. DRMZNVRDIE will be a staple if I execute it the way I’ve planned. Be the change you want to see in the world.To get the CHANGE you want, you need ACTION. You need FAITH.You Need DEDICATION. 

Now, I need to go hop in the shower and enjoy some breakfast with my Family. HB Danny Is celebrating another year of life and opportunity. 

Stay blessed.Stay motivated.Don’t let anybody put you down.