First off,

Thank you for taking the time to check out wanted to make something where you guys can be involved but also be around other ppl who share the same passion as you guys.

My name is Angel But to Many, I'm Dreamer or dream or dreamzville (inside joke you'll soon know haha ), among other names but you guys can call me dream.Since i was a kid i would grab the vacuum and use the handle to sing songs and pretend i was on stage with my older brother. I got older and ended up learning how to freestyle and next thing you know, i wanted to make music.

It wasn't always this way, however. Time would pass and the whole Hip-hop culture attracted me. Music was always my first love but ,the arts too, peaked my hearts interests.I'll give you guys more as time goes on.

Any questions,comments or concerns feel free to tap in and network.

I do this for my family who came to find a better future for us.

I do it for the other kids that weren't so lucky.

I do it for the dreamers that don't have the resources and one day,I'll be able to spend my days finding those hidden gems.

Until then,Stay blessed and stay motivated.Don't let nothing get you down.