Another Day, Another Dolla

The way things are done now with my brands is a bit CRAZY. na jk jk . chaotic ? idk what exactly id call it. It’s def different. I now have two online landing spots for ppl to buy my merch. I had to do this in order to have some of my current stickers and better quality hoodies and accessories would have a spot to be displayed at. I do this by having a featured posts section on the top of the landing page.You should def check it out when you get a chance. I’ll make sure to... more

Nov 30

bits and pieces
when i sat down last year and started the journey of creating a print on demand business, i didnt th

Nov 11

Piece of peace.

Sometimes we don’t realize how important communication can be. Not just being able to talk to someone. Understanding them. Listening and processing what they feel. There’s more to a conversation than just words in air. There’s effort. Someone wants to listen, the other wants to speak. You never know how important it is till understanding is the one thing you look for. I’d rather be understood than heard. Truth be told, I’d take that over anything.only few truly... more

Nov 06

off days

the last few days ive felt really lie, the days before i was feeling untouchable.i woke up one morning and for some reason, i didn't feel like i was doing the best i could do. i started down playing my accomplishments.i started feeling like nothing was good enough.The last thing i wanted was to transfer this energy to anyone and so i've kinda kept to myself. Not the best choice on what to do when you already feel alone. regardless of the fact tho, we all feel the... more

Oct 24

Fourth Quarter

The end of the year is upon us! The last few months before we set up for a whole ass new year.Stores start giving you deals out of no where and also, jobs start reminding you that they’re family too.What a time to be alive right? lol With work life and home life both going strong, I can now start to develop a new pattern for my day to day.Learning my schedule and my girls schedule has been fun lol I’ll get it down soon. I been too distracted with how amzing my life is at the... more

Oct 19


My entire way of thinking summed up in three words. DREAMS NEVER DIE. I had a guy tell me once that I was delusional. Maybe he’s right.Or maybe he just gave up.So many of us do, and, although they tell you other wise, sometimes quitting is the best thing you could ever do.Don’t judge me on that tho, just peep game.I used to think that no matter what I thought I could accomplish,( and I definitely am aware of the infinite possibilities ) , That things would have to be the way I... more

Sep 29

Closer to the days i dread...
Work in progress
Another Day, Another Dolla
bits and pieces