Time is a tricky thing. We either have it or we don’t.We either treat it like its a given or we are molded into realizing that it isn’t. This is one of a few things in life that I feel we actually have control over. Not in the physical sense, but being able to manage how time affects us. We can control that rather easily.

Like with anything tho, down playing it isn’t the best thing to do.Over thinking doesn’t do good either.So how is it so easy to me? What makes me think I got it all figured out.The answers low key, easy to explain.I’m aware.Aware of the power of time and aware of the power of my choices. It’s like math to me I guess lol Theres a formula but I don’t usually follow it… I do follow what I feel tho..most of the time now, i’m happy.

The last time i took time for granted, I was in a different space as a person. I was completely driven by greed, honestly. I was the type of person to make choices based on what they would do for me.I never thought of anyone but me.I’d lie if I said I did. I was a legit POS. At least by my standards. I’ll forever be my harshest critic.

Time tho, always had been something I would ignore. It was like homework honestly. I’d know I needed to take it serious but I never felt an adverse effect to not caring for it. Not until my mom passed.Not until I felt alone and realized that all the times with family were behind me. Not until it was me against the world.

Time didn’t do it tho. My lack of respect for time did it. I lost family, friends and even love. Call me selfish but I gained something that i’m forever thankful for tho. I gained respect. For time.For Life.For me.For the world. Ever since then i’ve been doing my best to try and promote that to the people I love and anyone willing to listen. I appreciate you all!

As time goes on, (fuck, this was all really about time lol) , i’ll be able to promote again and we shall see if my strategy to market the brand a certain way, will work! I know that i’ve put the time into learning new techniques and ways to market the brand so I can’t wait to bear the fruits of our labor ( watevertf that means haha) 

This dab has me going and i’m currently waiting on my better half. I get my second covid shot today so if something happens, you’ll know why lol I hope not tho.New podcast episode dropped a few days ago and another is going to drop tomorrow if plans go correctly!Thanks again for reading my thoughts! 

Stay Blessed and Stay Motivated and Don’t Let Nobody get you down,