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Who am I?
Hey there! I'm Ibarra, just Ibarra... from the Philippines who wants to play video games even though I have an 8-to-5 day job.

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Why do I have a BuyMeACoffee page?
Well, a friend of mine told me to set up a way for people who like my content to support what I do. It's not really a requirement but any form of support is deeply appreciated and you'll have my sincerest gratitude!


BMC Crew
BMC Crew bought a coffee.
@buymeacoffee bought a coffee.

Thank you very much for the coffee!

Jae Hermann bought a coffee.

Paying it forward ;)

Wow! Thank you very much for the coffee!

Jijo Sunny
Jijo Sunny bought a coffee.

Oh my god! Thank you very much for the coffee! Kudos to the teams of BuyMeACoffee!

msvillaviza bought a coffee.

If you have two friends in your lifetime, you're lucky. If you have one good friend, you're more than lucky.

Thank you for the coffee! Yes, I agree, I’m grateful to have friends like them, even if we’re only just a one digit number of friends, I’m grateful. I always thought that I don’t deserve to have friends, I always thought that I don’t deserve their kindness. I’m so lucky to have friends like them that is always with me through thick and thin.