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Greetings, I'm Montgomery Ibarra, a Filipino Gamer and Writer, and welcome to my BMC page.

I'm a (part-time) streamer on Facebook Gaming using my Facebook page and I write fan-fiction set in the world of Black Desert Online. You can read my stories here.

There's nothing of note about me, I'm just your average Juan Dela Cruz (not my real name) who loves to play video games and write stories. I'm not like most streamers who are good at what they do, whether their skills or talents or even have an excellent face or personality... but I do what I can and just love what I do.

I created this BMC page because my friends told me to find a way for people to support what I do. And there it is, I did just that but I'm not expecting much. You can buy me a coffee or you won't, I don't think I deserve your money but if you think I do, then thank you.

Black Desert Stories

Jan 03, 2020


Don't forget I write stories set in the world of Black Desert Online!

You can read my stories on the Official Forums or on my Website!

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