Buy Imagine Infinity a coffee


        Hello Sweeties,

    I've created a Buy Me A Coffee page, so  if my art has brought you joy and you feel like supporting as well as encouraging me you can now "buy me a coffee!"

    Any and all support is greatly appreciated, please keep in mind support does not only mean donating, you could support me by following any of my accounts, leaving me comments, and sharing/re-posting my work/account everywhere you can. Any and all help you can give with spreading my information around is IMMENSELY appreciated. 

Interesting Fact About How I Create A Lot Of My Art

    Almost all of my abstract (as well as a good amount of my fractals)  are all made by me going out with my camera and taking some nice photos. I then take one of the ` photos I took and I start to manipulate, alter, and adjust it using many many different programs to turn it into abstract pieces.

    So in other words all of those abstracted Creations that I've shared with you all, most had originally started out as a photograph that I personally have taken....

    It's my unique twist that I like to do that makes my art different from all other abstract artists out there.

My Discord:

Mistress of Darkness#9435