Hey!!.....Hellooo!!... is anyone there? Hello....

Where did they guys went? The gate is open of my cage and here's no one to close.

(Said the bird)

(An unknown voice for the bird appeared)

So why don't you take this opportunity and runaway?


(being little bit scared the bird asked)

Who this? Where the voice is coming from??

It's me the "cage" you are living in

 (answered the unknown voice)

It's something strange to hear from a "bird" that she is scared of the open door of the cage she is in !!

Why don't you moving out ??

(asked the cage from the bird)

moving out...??

(said the bird unaware of the thing known as 'free')

out.. but why should I move out from here

it's my place, I'm been here since my birth then why should I move out??

I have nothing to do outside.

Do you really think it's your place, and you are made for this ?

(said the cage to the bird)

aahh.... huh may be I'm and that's why I am here too, I think

(said the bird with some doubt that is about to cover her heart ,a good kind of doubt she was having that moment)

I don't know anything and Stop making such senseless questions

 (said bird who was trying to pull her self from that doubt she is not familiar yet with)

Okay fine I will be quiet after this last question I was waiting to ask you from a long time. Please!.. please... please

(the cage requested to the bird)

Okay I hope this going to your last question and it should be

(said the bird with anger in her beautiful eyes)

When I first met it I fell down from the stool I was placed at in the Shop

I saw some birds happy with that which made me fell down, I thought you might know it very well, I thought you guys (birds) are born to fly in it, I thought it's your favourite too, I thought the I'm talking about is your best friend too. Is it true??

(asked the cage from the bird with curiosity)

You are talking about whom I am not getting sorry!!

(said the bird)

No..no. now don't tell me you don't know it ,how it can be possible that you don't the air, the sky you are made for. Ohh my....

no offense but this is insane that you don't know your love (air/sky) till now.

(said the cage surprisingly)

Love now what's that

whatever it is I'm not interested to listen you any more I'm happy wherever I am and I have too. does it going to make any sense if I refuse to whatever I am having it's my destiny that I am having and this is my world I think and believe so .

I think you have done with your last question and should shut up now.

(said the bird with some doubt moving inside her mind like Marry go round and she is trying to bring her self out of those all questions that started moving in her mind and heart)

Suddenly at that exact movement someone pushed the cage so hard which make the cage turned into an pendulum which made the bird fell down from the cage and after that the cage got locked.

Now the bird is out of the cage worrying about of it.

Are you okay ??

(Asked the cage with worry)

Yeah I am fine , but why you did that??

(Asked the bird with anger)

I didn't. That air did so go and ask it why did it made you fell down? Go shoot up your anger on it.

(Said the cage with little of anger )

Heyy..you why did you........ Who ohhhhhh!!!!!

(Said the bird who went to shout on air but she got something which made her stop and made her enjoy instead)

The air was touching her wings ,her feathers and each hair of her making her inhale the air in huge quantity like she don't even want to exhale it out, seems like she met that air for the first time with open wings desperately waiting to swim in the air and never return.

(The bird then turn and said to the cage)

I think you were right I knew this air I think we are old friends .

Bird got some shine in her beautiful eyes and the cage was smiling when it listened to her words.

And then the bird flew away she swim,she fly, she laughed she smiled, she was now full of life , inhaling the fresh air as much as she can , now she is living at her every breath.

After few minutes...

(The bird return to the window and said to the cage)

Yeah I know it's insane that a bird return to it's cage back by her own self but I forget to say goodbye . You asked me once " you don't know about your love??"

And I replied I don't the word meaning even but I got know all the answers of my each and every questions I had , those questions which I never thought about much but was there in my mind . You. Yes you are my love who made me meet to my orginal version ,who introduced me with my love ,who made me fly ,who made me touch the sky , I'm moving away from you but you going to be there with me in my heart,in my answers,in my thoughts and in the air. Thank you for giving me so much at once.