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If you're here to buy a book, thank you! Pop that in your comment and I'll be in touch for shipping details.

Scottish poet, theatre-maker and musician currently navigating loss of work and income due to the coronavirus crisis.

Hey folks, how's it going? 

I'm Imogen - a poet, theatre-maker and musician based in Glasgow. Like many of us, I'm currently facing an anxious time amidst the coronavirus crisis as 100% of my work (gigs, events and workshops) have been cancelled or postponed for the foreseeable future. As a self-employed artist it's a pretty scary time.  

I've set up a whole range of online service on my website ranging from poetry feedback to online workshops to personalised poems to mentoring sessions. You can find them here:

However, for those of you who just fancy making a wee contribution rather than purchasing a service, I thought this would do the job. 

Any support would be immensely appreciated. Thank you - and stay safe!

John Bolland
John Bolland bought 3 coffees.

Hi Imogen. Would love a copy of Hypocrisy if there's still one available. You've got my email. Jx

Steve McManus
Steve McManus bought 3 coffees.

Thank you for all you're incredible supportof CREATE and the young people. I would love one of your books too please!

@rpflynn bought 5 coffees.

Saw your insta post - would love a book copy if any are left! Happy coffeeing

Someone bought 2 coffees.
Someone bought 3 coffees.

Loved seeing you perform this at chilly Leith Theatre, keep up the good work x