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Hi there, my name is Christopher Setterlund. I am the host of the In My Footsteps Podcast.  It features New England travel and history, fun and entertaining lifestyle topics, and a healthy slice of 1980's nostalgia.  Find it anywhere you get your podcasts.

In addition I have a YouTube channel.  Here is post video segments from the podcast.  I also create 4K New England videos.  These are short informative travel videos from all across New England shot in vivid 4K HD.

I run a blog, also titled In My Footsteps. This began in 2010 and features a lot of New England travel and also lifestyle and retro topics.

My podcast livestream runs Friday's on Instagram and is where I get to interact more with listeners.

Finally I am the author of 6 books with a 7th about to be started.  These can be viewed at my home website below.

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