My kids once asked me had do you have so much confidence, I told them I don’t I’m actually afraid every time, but the most they can tell me is no. So I fake it until I make it. We are often more afraid of this false illusion of bad situations we have played in our head, than whatever happens in reality.

So next time you are afraid to walk forward. Step to this

Many women may try to wonder what it is that makes me such a confident, phenomenally-strong woman. Some might look at me and think I have nothing going for me that makes me stand out from the crowd. But that’s simply not the case. The secret lies within my own self.

It’s in the reach of my arms, my broad hips, and the sure-footedness of my strides that let everyone know I mean business. Then there’s my lips and my captivating eyes, which gives off an aura that can put even the most daring of men on their knees. When I walk into a room, the folks seem to follow me as though I am their leader, like a queen bee surrounded by her minions.

The truth is, I am an incredibly powerful and exceptional woman. My aura can give any man or woman goosebumps as I simply make an entrance. So why is it that I have so much self-belief and a heightened sense of self-worth? It is because I have the tools within myself to create a strong sense of worth, confidence and femininity that knows no bounds. I am a phenomenally-strong woman, and that’s me.