I’ve been in many relationships. You have too. It starts with our parents. Then our family, after is our first relationships with a stranger.

As we continue to grow those strangers become our neighbors, teachers, friends, enemies, bosses, co-workers, and lovers.

We do things to say sorry for every day. Do you skate threw life never apologizing?

When you say the wrong thing, or a event has had a wrong action.

As we are raising our children, do we fall in the negative patterns of how some of us were raised? Do we recognize our toxic actions in any relationship we engage in?

We don’t need to step into that space, and when we make a wrong choice. We have the power even if the pain we caused was unintentional to say SORRY. I’m sorry for my misunderstanding, I’m sorry for my mistake, I’m sorry for my wrongdoings and pain I’ve caused.

Even to your enemies. They are not zapping up your energy, you are choosing that space. Always, move past to a better self.