I’m lost, I’m lonely, I’m scared. I have to get out of this hole, yet no idea how. I’m recovering from jumping, crawling, and digging my way out. The walls feel like slime, and there is nothing to grab.

I can not yell, my mouth has been sewn shut. I can not see, my eyes have been burned. I have no idea where I am, so I have no idea which direction to run.

I’ve been violated, tortured, and abused. Made to think my thoughts are wrong, who will think I’m right. When I return, I have no love to go back too, no one that sees me. If people knew my truth it would make them singing praises for the stillness of their suburban life.

I could give up, but I want to feel safe, cherished and loved. I pray for my end out of this place, and to see the funny shapes of clouds again, believing I can smile once more. Hoping to look back at this, and radiate shining my light for others.

I’M a FIGHTER, so I will not let this take over me like a animal in a glass cage. But, this is a battle that feels like there is no end. I pray for a hand to pull me up. For someone to miss me. I’m getting up, ready to fight again. I will do this, fear has no place. Oh, look here comes the relentless Hurricane. WTF what’s next.