- The Dream -

I am working in a science laboratory. The lights are bright and the lab is neat and organized. Two or three other professionals dressed in white coats, whom I don’t recognize from real life, are also in the lab working. I decide to get out for a walk.

When I get outside it is pitch dark, but I decide to walk anyway.

Suddenly a lion jump at me, bite onto my right arm, and keep it's grip.

I am so scared but I somehow manage to wrestle my arm from its mouth. I start to run and I have a sense the lion is chasing me, but I don't look back.

I manage to find my way back to the lab where the doors are left wide open. I get inside and run into my colleague. I frantically shout to warn him about the lion chasing me.

He tells me the lion will not bother with anyone else but me and then he just calmly proceed with his task.

I climbed into a cupboards near the floor but as soon as I'm inside I realize it won't protect me. I quickly crawl out again, jump onto one of the desks and climb up into a cupboard closer to the ceiling - still afraid the lion might reach there.

The lion then comes into the lab and starts talking to the colleague I just ran into. I cannot hear what they are saying. I think the lion left shortly after, but I’m not sure.

When I wake from the dream I realize the bite was not serious.

- End of the dream -


Personal Context

The dream is shared from a male in his mid-forties persuing their pesonal growth and a possible career move from the current position as an HR Manager. (Transitioning into another life stage could be possible here as well)

The Interpretation

There seems to be a willingness to explore the unconscious or deeper levels of the personality and/or, explore career alternatives in real life. But maybe moving too quickly without enough light is shed on the matters.

The male lion appearing could be an inner divine symbol or father figure. It seems to be pointing the attention back to the conscious mind since the bite is psychically non-threatening and aimed specifically at the right arm, and the right side being the dominant side.

Running back into the lab shows a willingness to track back and analyze more facts in the current life situation.

The colleague who knows the lion’s behavior would be the sensate side of the personality - a preference for objective information.

The difficulty in understanding the conversation between the lion and the colleague indicates the likelihood to communicate with the deeper and unknown aspects of the personality in future.


(Dreams are shared with full permission from the member. Dreams can have very personal aspects and the involvement of the dreamer, and their context informs my interpretation. This dream was published after a one-on-one life coaching/dream analysis with the member)