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Over the years, I have enjoyed posting classical guitar videos on youtube, featuring favourites from my repertoire. Now, more than ever, in these times of physical isolation, musicians are finding themselves reinventing ways to connect with their public. 

Having recently discovered this great platform that brings together creators and people who support their projects, I think this is a perfect opportunity to reach out to you through more informal video posts.

Practicing tips, musical reflections and personal insights informed by my perspective as a blind musician are just some of the possibilities I want to explore. And you, in turn, have the opportunity to encourage and support my new initiative by spreading the word and "buying coffees". So I hope you'll consider helping me make this project as good as it can be and will join me in this new adventure.    

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Very well played!

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Dear Ioana. Thank you for your contribution to us who loves guitar music.

Thank you so much for your generous contribution. I am glad my videos connect with you. If you have questions or comments I'll make sure to give you and my other supporters priority in addressing them.  Best regards

Someone bought 3 coffees.
Karen Allison
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Looking forward to learning about your musical experiences and life experiences.

I am very grateful for your support and interest in my work. If you have any topics you'd like me to discuss, it will be my pleasure to address them in future posts.

Thank you. Maybe sometime in the future you could post about trilling including alternate string trills.

Thanks for your support and pertinent question. While I did not really talk about trills in general I hope that my explanation of cross-string trills answers you somewhat.