I am getting ready for my Skype to talk with our new program director. Since I left Florence to work over the summer here in Germany I have been brainstorming my thesis topic. Today I will find out if the direction I am planning to take will be received well and I can continue to build on what I have planned out or I have to go back to the drawing board and come up with another concept. Either way, it will be fun if my thesis topic is not accepted I can go back and build on it after my MFA. If it is I can begin creating work. I goal is to have enough work to start out with a basic body of work and with each exhibition to add to it to finally come to a close with something unexpected, fun and exhilarating. From start to finish nobody would know what comes next. In a world where so much of it has been copied, it has become so much more important to stimulate our senses.