I have a wonderful story and one so many would not believe. A friend and I took a tour bus to see the Tuscan countryside which included Siena. When we returned to our bus I noticed my wallet was missing. My friend was sure that someone had stolen it. I remembered a person bumping into me at the Siena Cathedral and assumed she must be right. We reported the wallet missing to the tour company and I resigned myself to never seeing it again. On the way home I texted my husband to cancel the tow credit cards I carried. The next day I stopped at SACI to pick up my new student ID and was surprised to see a note to please call the Siena police. Low and behold someone found my wallet dropped it off at the police station and if I heard right all the content is in my wallet. A fellow tour friend had insisted for me to light two candles. Perhaps someone saw me lighting them and noticed I dropped the wallet. What a lovely person to do this.  This act of kindness made my day. I could not stop smiling. Today I baked cookies to take with me to Siena to give to the police. A small thank you for an Italien city which made a grant impression. Before I forget I want to inform you that Fine Art America has free shipping! A wonderful saving and an inspiration to get the holiday shopping started early. One thing is for sure the cost of art supplies in Florence are much higher than at home. I thank you for supporting my journey.