It was wonderful spending quality time with my family for the past 3 weeks. We took advantage of visiting the castles of Bavaria to manage the heatwave here in Germany. They are wonderfully cold in a country which does not use a lot of air conditioning. With a heavy heart, we said our good by last week, knowing that every day will get me not only closer to my goal but also home. We take advantage of modern technology and get to talk face to face every day via video chats. I don’t know what I would have done without the aid of today's modern technology.  Time is a great teacher I am discovering myself in so many forms. If you have been following my post you know I am working over the summer to help cover my living expenses in Florence. The tasks I am undertaking remind me of the ones I use to do as a teen. However now I undertake them with the experience I gained over my lifetime. I understand what it means to be on the other side. Waiting tables I want to give my customers the dining experience I myself enjoy. Their smiles of appreciation tell me I done my job. I focus that good energy towards why MFA projects.  I submitted my MFA proposal this week. It’s time to focus on continuing my thesis research. By the time I return to Florence, I will be armed with fresh inspiration and the research I need to start my next semester. I am well on my way and with some luck, the weather will turn around and allow me to create work I can bring back.   I hope you are having a wonderful summer. Thank’s for your support.