Today I came across this wonderful Wall Street Journal article of women who have empowered themselves. (WSJ article It’s an encouraging article and we need more of them. Women spend so much of their life-supporting others around them and they need to realize that there comes a time for her. Furthermore, no apologies or justifications are required.  Due to the slow summer season in the area, I found myself with free time I had not anticipated. As you all know I came to Germany in order to make money to cover my living expenses. I am using this found time wisely and am working on my thesis project. The photographic work I am created consists of extreme macro images. I ventured into this area after one of my SACI professors challenged me to apply the street photography I had created in his class to food. A media he knew I worked extensively with before I started my MFA program. Out of this challenge came a series of wonderful garlic skin compositions. I like to build on this series using a stacking rail. A tool used to help with the shallow depth of field of the macro lens I am using. I hope the program might provide one for me as due to a cracked tooth new tools are not in the budget. The tooth will need to be dealt with before I can even consider a new tool.  I am getting restless and am very excited to start the second leg of my MFA journey.