Yuck I got my first cold since I came to Florence Italy. I am on my third day and hope it works through my system fast. I am armed with a big pot of chicken soup I made the moment I felt the cold coming on. A fellow student friend gave me a homeopathic Indian cold remedy. Top that with lots of vitamin C I should be as good as new in a few days. We had snow in Firenze a few days ago but today the weather is pretty mild. My heating bill and I would be happy if the weather continues to get warmer. The walls in those old buildings don't have any insulations and even when we keep our heat low the bill is high. I rather spend the money on art supply which too is adding up. Artist pay for the novelty of being in Firenze with top art supply prices.  Today I had the pleasure to be part of the artist Tesfay Urgessa painting workshop. He was a great teacher and easy going. I would not mind working with more artist this way. You can’t get more hands on. Stay healthy and thanks for your continued support. Photography Prints