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5 was founded by a guy with the peculiar name of ItchyBeard on various socials.

I spent many hours watching various content creators playing Hydroneer, and finally caved in and purchased it. I can honestly say I've met one of the best game community groups. I felt the desire to give something back to that community that have been nothing but helpful and warming, not only to myself, but to all newcomers to the community.

When I first started playing Hydroneer, I had a little idea of what I needed to do due to watching countless hours of lets plays, I knew I had to keep visiting the biggest town in the game to stock up on building supplies and machinery.

But there was just... something missing.. A hole that needed filling..

Welcome to Bridgepour.
Bridgepour is the unofficial purpose built fansite of the game Hydroneer aimed to act as a "tour guide", bestow important knowledge, tips'n'tricks and provide useful tools to help players of all skill levels.

Hydroneer is a game solely developed by grandmaMax (@MaxHayon) of Foulball Hangover. is not affiliated with Foulball hangover in any way - I just think Hydroneer is really cool and deserves a cool fan made community.

If you don't already own Hydroneer, go buy it on steam!
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