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Why, hello. 👋

It's All In The Mind is a Winnipeg duo (Mark David Stallard & Ryan Janz) who create and perform live music, music videos, energetic and informative YouTube and Facebook Videos, animations, and short films -- and a host of other things.

We also produce and host The Invisible Man Show, with the wonderful Colorado Phil. The show airs live on YouTube and Facebook at 2pm every Saturday.

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Mark, Ryan, & Phil. 

@DizzynDeaf bought 7 coffees.

Enjoying the music and the discussions that The Invisible Man Show brings to us all around the world! Thanks guys!

John Goskowicz
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BNI says Hello M.D.Stallard,your the host with the most!

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Great meeting you guys today! Long live The Invisible Man Show!   ~Ron Zaragoza (DizzynDeaf)