Buy It’s me Kevin #thecatwhogivesback a treat


Hey It’s me Kevin, the cat.  Buy me some treats and I will donate proceeds to animal rescues, feline health research, TNR and everything to help animals.    I’m a Feral TNR rescue myself so help me help others!   
#thecatwhogivesback come see me on Instagram @itsmekevin_thecat

Why not buy a $15 Bouquet of Treats and dedicate it to someone you care about?   Show them how they helped you help others in their name? Post it to your social media and tag them!
(click buy 5 treats to get a bouquet) 
@the_girl_kitty bought a treat.

Here is a treat Kevy! I stole mom's credit card. Shhs!!🤓

@nikki_mae_b bought 3 treats.


@hollyhousepanther bought 3 treats.

Thank you so much for raising money for cats in need.

Lauren bought 3 treats.

love you Kevy!

Chester & Ren
Chester & Ren bought 5 treats.

Thank you for giving back. You inspire us to do the same 😺