I think that what makes writing enjoyable is knowing that you will see it. You, yes. You. The person reading this now. When I write I do it because I want to help. I want to make someone's day better. A little less dark, a little warmer, kinder. And I write because it is my passion. Writing, reading and listening to music are the things that keep me going.
When someone supports my writing, be it through BMC, sharing, commenting or following me on social media, I remember that I am not alone and that people read my posts.
That's all I want in the end. Not to be an influencer, a star or whatever. I want to help.
So here's what I will tell you today.
You are not alone.
You can write to me and ask if you have questions about the life of blind people because I know that it may be scary, confusing and hard to be blind or to have a blind friend or family member if you don't have resources or know no no one dealing with this issue.
It's okay not to be okay and it's okay to be scared. But I am here. I can't give sight back but I can tell you that I am blind and it's not a nightmare.
Just a little harder but not impossible.
Thank you to everyone who supported me so far! It means the world.

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