Days turned into nights. At the start, Ventrix spent most of their time lying on the ground, trying to avoid the pain inside their stomach. The eggs were so many that they thought their belly may be ripped apart. Once he could move again, they would be occasionally fed berries by the dragon to keep their strength up, but it wasn't really enough to satiate them. They considered trying to escape but then realized that they wouldn't be able to leave without being noticed, especially with their belly weighing them down.

However, after a few days, something strange began to happen. Ventrix started to think about how their situation was not as bad as they thought. They began to wonder what was happening to them.

"This isn't so bad..." they thought, aware that their emotion made no sense. "Maybe it's because I have the eggs inside me…"

One morning, they felt a warm sensation spreading through their body, as the pheromones of the eggs began to affect them. It was a pleasurable feeling, unlike anything they had ever experienced before. When they took full effect, they felt their mind begin to change, as they began to crave the dragon's attention more and more.

'He chose me to carry his eggs...It must mean that I am special.' Ventrix thought, pride starting to bubble up inside them. Maybe it was their feminine thin body, or their smooth fur, but whatever it was, it was making them feel more and more attractive.

They began to walk around naked, rubbing their body against the dragon, and kissing him whenever they could. Before they knew it, the dragon was already beginning to notice their behaviour, admiring their body, licking their fur, and even allowing them to masturbate. The burning gaze of the lizard was enough to make them erupt with cum in just a few strokes.

But that was nothing in comparison to the sex. After each intense breeding session, Ventrix began to feel like that was exactly what they were intended for. Even though the dragon was using them regularly, it never came close to satiating their need for sex. The massive dick was long enough that it was able to penetrate their deepest parts, allowing them to experience a pleasure they never thought possible. And it wasn't just the gigantic size  but the way it moved inside them, each deep stroke making them feel like they were going to explode.

Not long after, the idea of them becoming brood mother felt exciting. They still had their doubts, but they were slowly being drowned out by the feelings they were receiving from their new master. Eventually, they completely gave in to their desires, and Ventrix fell in love with their new lifestyle. They found themselves enjoying the attention of the dragon, who provided them with everything they needed to bare his children. In return, Ventrix gave him pleasure, whenever the urge hit him.

Each day would start with a thorough cleaning of the dragon's cock, getting rid of any cum that remained around his gigantic tip. Afterwards, Gardor would make them get on their knees and force his immense member into Ventrix's ass, getting them to moan and squirm in ecstasy. The beast would always change position and use different techniques, finding new ways to keep them begging for more. It was an addicting feeling that only broke Ventrix's mind even further. Then, he would end the session by dropping his thick load inside their womb, replacing any eggs that were no longer going to hatch.

"Ahhh, yes... fill me with your eggs...make me pregnant...please...I want to become your brood mother..." Ventrix would say each time.

As the eggs grew larger and larger, Ventrix's belly began to expand, stretching their skin almost to breaking point. It didn’t matter if they were uncomfortable, the dragon never stopped fucking them, leaving them in a constant state of arousal. He knew that Ventrix was becoming addicted due to the hormones, and decided that he should help hurry the process.  

The eggs kept growing. Soon, Ventrix's ass was too tight and Gardor began using their throat to relieve himself. He would fuck their face for hours, with deep thrusts and rough movements. Ventrix could hardly breath, but they loved every single minute of it. When it was over, Ventrix felt their mind slowly turning into mush. In spite of this, they continued craving for more sex, counting the days impatiently until they could take a dick inside of their asshole again.

After what felt like months of being captive, Ventrix felt as if the eggs were ready to hatch. Gardor looked at them with longing eyes as they went down on their knees, spreading their ass. Ventrix grunted, looking back with desperation as huge eggs began to push out of their ass, one after another. It was like the dragon was shoving his entire cock inside them, only the dick was never-ending.

" babies..." they said in between breaths, as large egg protruded from their asshole.

The gape kept expanding until a whole bunch of eggs were now laying on the ground, below them. It was overwhelming, but eventually, Ventrix began to realize that this was their purpose. They were meant to bear Gardor's offspring. As the last eggs finally popped out, their tiny cock began to quiver and to shot out a huge load of sperm, covering the eggs.

The pain of giving birth was excruciating. Their body was wracked with pain, making them scream in agony. That's when a sudden moment of realization struck them: they were no longer feeling their mind being clouded, and the pleasure of being used was gone. Ventrix wondered what was happening, confused as they felt a wave of power wash through their body.

'What am I doing?' They thought. 'I'm... I'm free...I can fight.'

A wave of psychic energy washed through Ventrix, making them shudder and shake. The power was like nothing they have ever experienced before, and it was enough to make even Gardor freeze up.

"Kneel!" They yelled, the dragon slamming his body on the ground.

" dare you?! Let me go!" Gardor demanded, trying to stand up.

"You will obey me!" Ventrix yelled, the pain of childbirth still lingering inside them. "If you do not let me go right now, I will kill you!"

Gardor was enraged, but he knew that Ventrix was dangerous. He couldn't risk losing his precious eggs, so he did as they commanded.

"Thank you." Ventrix said with a smile, satisfied that he was obeying his orders.

They placed their hand on the eggs, gently caressing them. If it wasn't for them,  Ventrix would have never been strong enough to overcome their capturer. They took their hand off and took a deep breath, calming down.

"Now...I need to get back to the city." They said, looking down at Gardor. "Take care of the eggs and hope that you'll never see me again."

With that Ventrix embarked on his way back home, stronger than ever. Their new powers were going to be extremely fun to play with.

To be continued....