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Hello! 👋

I'm a software developer who thinks we should work smarter, not harder. To this end I always end up automating parts of my work and I decided to share those automations with everybody so anyone could benefit from them.

You might have used some of my products:

String Extensions (makes work with strings a breeze) 

nugetrepogithub packages

MVVM ViewModel Builder (automates property generation) repo

Visual Studio templates and code snippets (files to speed up development) repo

SQL scripts collection (saves you from typing common tasks by hand) gist

Powershell scripts collection (handy scripts to automate daily work) gist

C# code samples collection (useful ready-to-use classes) gist

C# MVVM code samples collection (classes frequently used in the MVVM pattern) gist

I'd like to devote more time and resources to these and future projects, which is why I setup this page. If you decide to support me, it will let me know how much people find my projects useful and allow me to devote more time to them.

In any event, you're welcome to share your thoughts in the channels! :)

String Extensions GitQ, Gitter

MVVM ViewModel Builder GitQ, Gitter

Visual Studio templates and code snippets GitQ, Gitter

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