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Hey 👋 I just created a page here. You can now buy me a coffee! I'm Ivy Pagente and trying to raise funds to start my own show called RV Pinay In The USA which co-stars my fiancé, Cameron Farmer, who is also my videographer, editor, driver, and guide while I am here. We're crowdfunding a decent RV to use for this project and that is where you come in!

We can't do this without financial support and ask if you wish to contribute, you could possibly be in the show too! We, Cameron and I, are also looking for long-term sponsors as we are travel and lifestyle oriented. Clothing, camping equipment, all things travel, food, and lifestyle products will be used here! How great is that?

Just check out our crowdfunder at Fundrazr for more information. And check out our storefront and t-shirt line at!