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I make ASMR videos on YouTube! All money goes to my channel for role-plays and filming equipment (:

I make ASMR videos on YouTube!

ASMR stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response ******************************************************** YouTube and Instagram "ASMR" Creators make videos to elicit a response from viewers that is NOT INHERENTLY SEXUAL, but is a state of relaxation and/or tingly sensation ************************************************************** ASMR is subjective to the viewer, there is no right or wrong way to obtain an ASMR response ************************************************************** ASMR helps many people with their anxiety and depression and also acts as a sleep aid helping with insomnia, but is NOT a cure for mental illness and should not be an alternative to seeking professional help (and/or medication) ************************************************************** I use ASMR to sleep at night and have been watching for 3 years now, it also calms me down from panic attacks and helps me escape my real life problems! Ultimately I use ASMR as a coping mechanism, sleep aid and form of entertainment

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