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Hello! I am working on my first sci-fi novel!

This novel I am working on is the largest writing project I have ever taken on. I am currently working on the first draft and have just crossed the 22,000 word count. My story can now be officially called a novella. I'm not even close to being done yet. There is still a significant amount of work to do, plot holes to fill, characters to develop more... I would love for my story to cross the 50,000 word count and become a novel, but if it ends up becoming a novella, then a novella it will be. 

Summary of my science fiction novel: 

Donovan, a young, open minded, and curious young man who is fascinated by the unfathomable concepts that only exist in science fiction such as teleportation and telepathy. He knows these technologies will very likely never exist. At least not in his lifetime. But they are still fun to speculate and there's no harm in that. 

One day, Donovan suddenly finds himself in a strange unfamiliar world where teleportation and other unfathomable and impossible technologies very much exist and are used everyday without a second thought. 

Donovan soon discovers a rather fascinating technology focused research facility called Insight. Insight's focus is to create the most advanced life changing technologies to public with a strong focus on ensuring each device is thoroughly tested in a moral standard of safety and efficiency. 

Donovan soon meets Maddox, a fellow and extremely passionate researcher at Insight eventually working along side him. 

Donovan eventually finds out about a strange project to create a telepath device that was suspended for unknown reasons. Maddox ultimately persuades persuades Donovan to work with him in developing a telepathy device going against Insight's policies and standards. 

What begins as fun speculation and intrigue for Donovan quickly unravels into something far more dangerous perhaps even changing his positive perspective on telepathy. 

I am also an active writer on Medium focusing on my writing journey, as well as some pop culture, and pretty much anything I find super cool and intriguing! I love learning random and interesting facts and you will see that reflected here and there throughout my Medium articles. 

Find me on Twitter and Facebook under the same name, J.A. Rose. 

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