I am currently just about more than half way done with my novel (or novella) at approximately 34,000 words. But that's just the first draft and I have plenty to do with editing, looking into missing plot holes, readdressing or deleting scenes altogether.

Creating the characters has become my favorite thing about creating this story. I'd like to introduce you to them all without giving away any spoilers. This is just a sample of what is to come:


Donovan is my main character, the protagonist of my story. He is a bit of a geek when it comes to science fiction concepts such as teleportation, time travel, and telepathy. He is also a bit too optimistic when discussing these unfathomable concepts. He would rather spend his time talking about how teleportation would be a great idea if it existed rather than what could go wrong.

Over all, he is very curious, open minded, and eager to know. He is always speculating "what if?"

Dr. Maverick

(note: still debating on this character's name)

Dr. Maverick is the lead researcher of the research facility called Insight Technologies. Insight focuses on the development of creating technologies to improve the lives of the public. He oversees all of Insight. The technologies that they have created are the very unfathomable technologies that Donovan could only dream about. He only expects the absolute best from all of the scientists / researchers of the facility. Of course, as the lead, overseeing researcher, that is expected. His mission is to insure that the mission of Insight continues on.


Ah yes! Maddox. Maddox is my antagonist and he has become one of my favorite characters to create. He is a bit arrogant and even a bit good looking too haha though my imagining of him is a little vague at the moment. He has been with Insight technologies for a long time and has become Dr. Mavericks most trusted and loyal researcher. Dr. Maverick has even put him in charge of helping to oversee the technology developments.

Maddox greatly values and expects a straight and direct answer. He wants facts and evidence. Not guesses or opinions. He is also a bit arrogant towards those that aren't on his level of expertise and don't share the same visions as him. When he wants something, he will pursue it. He pays the utmost careful attention to detail.


Nova is more of a fun character. I've had some fun thinking her up. Actually, she was an add in, and I think she really saved the story because at some point I had no idea where my story was going to go. And then, I thought up another character!

Nova is another researcher at Insight Technologies. Her role is very important as it is working with and getting to know the public. In other words, she gathers data from the public and relays it to Insight in order to create better technologies.

Nova is very optimistic. However, she tends to be too excited at times and acts in the moment. In more ways than one, she is the complete opposite of Maddox.

Her dream is to one day create the perfect time machine. Wait. Time machines don't exist here already? Well, they do, but they are so much more to be desired. There are a few flaws with the time travel devices that exist and she wants to create a better one.

So that is my introduction to my main or reoccurring characters. Of course, some more will probably be added in but that's still in early development.

Here is basically what my story is about (so far):

Donovan is fascinated by the unfathomable concepts that only exist in science fiction - teleportation, time travel, telepathy... What happens when he suddenly finds himself in a world in which these concepts exist and are used in everyday life without a second thought.

Donovan soon discovers Insight, a top well respected research facility that is responsible for creating these very technologies he's seen.

He is then introduced to Maddox, a highly respected, intelligent, yet arrogant researcher who takes Donovan's unfamiliarity and intrigue of these incredible technologies for granted.

Donovan is pulled into developing a telepathy device by Maddox and going against Insight’s standards. Such a device was in development but was suddenly suspended for unknown reasons. Maddox might know more than he is telling Donovan. Donovan and Maddox go against Insight and develop the perfect telepathy device that Maddox has always dreamed of. Maddox will do anything to create the perfect telepathy device even to an obsession.

The development of this telepathy device becomes too dangerous. Now Donovan must find a way to get out of this world and return to his own reality.