It is the start of 2022 - a perfect opportunity to make new goals. For me that includes finishing up and publishing my story. My goal is to finish the first draft of my story and have it published this year.

To give a recap, I have written about 31,400 words. There are a few plot holes that I need to fix and above all else, I still need to write the ending. Huh, maybe I shouldn't focus so much on the word count but more so the quality, plot, and pacing of the story. I think one of the hardest things about writing my story is deciding on an ending. The place I'm at right now is hinting in the right direction of a possible ending. Or so I think. The only way to get out of this dilemma is to just keep writing and jotting down ideas.

I've written myself in a corner before and gotten out, so I'm sure I can do it again.


Donovan is fascinated by the unfathomable concepts that only exist in science fiction - teleportation, time travel, telepathy... What happens when he suddenly finds himself in a world in which these concepts exist and are used in everyday life without a second thought.

Donovan soon discovers Insight, a top well respected research facility that is responsible for creating these very technologies he's seen.

He is then introduced to Maddox, a highly respected, intelligent yet arrogant researcher who takes Donovan's unfamiliarity and intrigue of these incredible technologies for granted.

Donovan is pulled into developing a telepathy device by Maddox and going against Insight’s standards. Such a device was in development but was suddenly suspended for unknown reasons. Maddox might know more than he is telling Donovan. Donovan and Maddox go against Insight and develop the perfect telepathy device that Maddox has always dreamed of. Maddox will do anything to create the perfect telepathy device even to an obsession.

The development of this telepathy device becomes too dangerous. Now Donovan must find a way to get out of this world and return to his own reality.

Potential Book Cover

This is just a sample of what I am speculating my cover to look like. I love creating and this was the first time I had ever created a book cover.