Writing a novel has always been something that I wanted to do for a while. Now, I am finally doing it!

Currently, I am on the first draft of my novel with approximately 15,500 words down so far. This is, by far, the most I have ever written for a story. That in itself motivates me to continue. Nonetheless, I still have a way to go. As a writer, I've found out that what works for me is to create small goals. For instance, I might have a goal in which I will write 500 words one day or finish up a scene another day. Engaging in small goals is far less intimidating that stating that my goal is to write a novel! These are just little goals that make up a much larger goal - my novel!

To help keep me on track, I also keep a journal. It is a place where I write down any ideas I have for my story.

The genre of my novel will fall into science fiction and action and adventure. To summarize, it is about a young man named Donovan (early 20's) who is absolutely fascinated by unfathomable concepts such as teleportation, time travel, and telepathy.

Taking a much needed walk around the block of his neighborhood at night, he suddenly finds himself in an unfamiliar place. Nothing is familiar and this world is definitely not his. He soon discovers that many of the concepts that he could only dream about exist here in the world.

Donovan soon discovers Insight, a top respected research facility whose mission is to improve lives through some of the most unfathomable technologies that Donovan has seen. Insight thoroughly tests new devices to assure that they are at the utmost safety and efficiency.

Donovan then meets Maddox - a passionate yet arrogant researcher that is highly respected for his dedication to Insight. Maddox eventually becomes suspicious of Donovan. There is something strange about him. He is watching his every move.

Now, Maddox has persuaded Donovan to help create a telepathy device - a concept that goes against the morals of Insight.