Jun 29, 2022

Update! Serializing my WIP and a new book cover!

It's been a while! I have some news. I've decided with much thought and consideration to go ahead and serialize my WIP as a Kindle Vella story! The best thing about serializing my story on Vella, at least to me, is that as long as I publish 10 episodes (as they are called in Vella, instead of chapters), I can create a book out of my Kindle Vella episodes. As of now, I've just published episode 4. Here is what I have so far:https://www.amazon.com/kindle-vella/story/B0B1YT3V7WAs... more

Mar 26, 2022

Insight Novel Sneak Peak

With an ending figured out, I am making decent progress on my WIP. That being said I have a long way to go before I can declare my novel complete. Seeing fellow writers on here successfully following through and fulfilling their dreams of publishing their book, really inspires me. Someday that will be me. Perseverance and self discipline is key. A title means a lot to a novel and whether it will draw attention to a book. Right now, unless I think of a more attention-grabbing title, I named my... more

Mar 19, 2022

Thoughts About Writing Science Fiction

Since the story I am currently writing is a work of science fiction, I have to greatly rely on my imagination. I love creating and imagining things as is typical and expected with many writers of fiction. And yet, I am pondering or maybe overthinking, how are some concepts going to work in my world? For instance, teleportation exists in my story. It is very relevant as nearly everyone uses it. I want to make my world and the things that exist in this world believable. Using teleportation as an... more

Feb 03, 2022

A Sneak Peek Into The Characters of My Story

I am currently just about more than half way done with my novel (or novella) at approximately 34,000 words. But that's just the first draft and I have plenty to do with editing, looking into missing plot holes, readdressing or deleting scenes altogether. Creating the characters has become my favorite thing about creating this story. I'd like to introduce you to them all without giving away any spoilers. This is just a sample of what is to come:DonovanDonovan is my main character, the... more

Jan 12, 2022

Story Excerpt: Maddox Debuts His Plan

Hello! Here is a small excerpt from my first draft. This was one of my favorite scenes to write. Hopefully (I'm sure) there will be more of those sorts of scenes to come: Donovan sat once again in that coffee shop in that back corner table. This time he ordered something with more of an edge. He wondered what device Maddox wanted to discuss. Oddly enough, there was no mention of any such new idea from Dr. Maverick or the other researchers. They were still in the development of the... more

Jan 05, 2022

Story Excerpt 1.

I'd like to share an excerpt from the book I am working on. It should be noted that things will likely change for this and any other excerpts that I share. “The time travel device that exists now has some obvious limitations,” added Donovan. He felt nervous speaking about such a device. He was a stranger in this world. He knew nothing about the concept of time travel here. The time travel device they had now seemed very commonplace. Just as commonplace that teleportation was.... more

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