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My name is Jona and I am happy to meet you!

I'm a hobby artist, who creates content for fandoms like Rainbow6Siege, Guildwars2 und MyHeroAcademia!

I am also always open for commissions!

I started to draw when I entered 7th grade and have not stopped since. 

In the first few years, I only drew for myself and sometimes for close friends and family.

Only 3-4 years ago, have I started to draw for other people and fandoms as well! 

The biggest following I gathered was on a drawing-centered app called Amino. 

The most fun and consistent time I had, was when I opened my tumblr though.

Nowadays I just switch between Platforms a lot. 

My goal for the future is: to meet a lot of friendly people and create a lot of art that I enjoy and others may enjoy as well.

I am always happy to receive support in any form!