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Husband, Father, Cultural and Linguistic Anthropologist that fights procrastination every day and usually does not win.  The voices in my head are sometimes scary.

Currently working on my first series.  Memories of Empire finds Marcai Orban five years after the end of his world. Abandoned by the Immari Empire two centuries earlier, their former colonies, the Sydligar Remnant, have withstood Vilde invasions by maintaining a strong confederation.  Endless waves of the barbarian Vilde have weakened it however.  Having followed his adopted father's footsteps into the legions, Marcai is there when the only family he has ever known is struck down.  Within a year, the confederation is broken and Marcai has returned to the land his father left behind, hoping to live out his days in solitude.  But this was not to be.

In the vacuum of power, will good men stand by while the wicked have their way, or will some fight back to save what little is left?