Feb 11, 2022

Progress Update 2/11/2022

In this post we will coverXcom Mod UpdatesOutside ModdingOther projects XCOM MODfor starters ill just mention it is NOT abandoned, its just on hold to see how the main mod does, I have sunk a few hours into it and prepared for a long-term thing so I doubt with an 80% confidence that I will not abandon the mod. Even if the momentum was very small in comparison with my “infused 2 extended” mod but I still have some love for it. Outside moddinglike I stated before I... more

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Feb 11, 2022

$2 Personal Update (2/11/2022)

Jan 02, 2022

Progress Update (1/2/2022)

Good Day everyone! todays post will cover Mod Updates & ProgressReason of AbsenceMore NewsDonationsThanksMod Updates & ProgressThe laser weapons are coming in very nicely, the art assets are basically done, I just need to finish up the bullets, some sound checks, and the actual code. which isn't much on my end since the base code is there for me, the main bulk was the art since I'm not good at it so that's why the long time on it!Reasons of Absencewell basically... more

Sep 30, 2021

Progress Update (9/30/2021)

Good day Everyone! hopefully everyone has been doing well these past weeks, on my end it has been good progress is being made BUT the mod i was working on needed way more design than i thought and while i was working on the design i decided to play a few other games to see where else i could get inspiration from and i did manage to get some inspiration from a game! my end goal is going to be difficult but so far Ive been collecting sounds and creating art from scratch for the other mod I'm... more

Sep 06, 2021

Progress Update (9/6/2021)

Good Day Everyone!so far the support has been amazing and i am very happy with everything that's going on, currently I'm having more free time to try new things and just have a more relaxing life style, this has helped me with having many ideas for mods, but sadly hit a roadblock with the Infusions 2 Expansion mod, i am hard stuck at 3 more new infusions that aren't that big at all, so i plan to do a switch in the mean time to create a more balanced mod now so be on the lookout... more

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Aug 20, 2021

$2 IDEA teaser
First Post!
Infusion 2 Mod Update
Big Supporter Tease
Mod Release & 7 day Ratings
$2 More indepth Analysis
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