Good Day everyone! todays post will cover

  • Mod Updates & Progress

  • Reason of Absence

  • More News

  • Donations

  • Thanks

Mod Updates & Progress

The laser weapons are coming in very nicely, the art assets are basically done, I just need to finish up the bullets, some sound checks, and the actual code. which isn't much on my end since the base code is there for me, the main bulk was the art since I'm not good at it so that's why the long time on it!

Reasons of Absence

well basically holidays, my parents came to visit and the visit turned into a very long stay so I have been needing to keep them busy and in attending them I haven't been able to progress much quicker meaning the art was WAY slower because of this, and to top it off, my PC decided to bug out completely so any websites I used would never load, I tried many things and when I tried uninstalling something it reset my entire PC so I've had to get many files from backups, and the cloud.

More News

I'm excited to announce that I will also take up fallout 4 modding, I'm currently learning some stuff, mainly I want to create addons for Sim Settlements 2. its been a mod I've been following for a while and recently the main guy (kinggath) mentioned in one of his streams that after they are done with SS2 they will leave it to the community! so I plan on being at least one of the first in line to hopefully become a known person in that side of modding but beyond that I don't know how much ill do.


Sadly here in buymeacoffee I haven't gained much traction so ill be adding patreon and kofi soon, if those other platforms don't succeed on gaining donations to pay for adobe creative cloud, then ill assume its the community just not wanting to donate xD, but at least nexus mods is giving me a few cents.


to everyone liking, disliking, commenting, encouraging, discouraging, and downloading my mods, thank you, any kind of feedback or interaction lets me know if I should continue or not, and so far the few people in the community that like what I'm doing are a message that I'm on the right path, don't get me wrong I plan on doing this as a hobby, I still plan on headings towards my PHD in business so this is why progress on various things is slow. But still thanks to everyone!