In this post we will cover

  • Xcom Mod Updates

  • Outside Modding

  • Other projects



for starters ill just mention it is NOT abandoned, its just on hold to see how the main mod does, I have sunk a few hours into it and prepared for a long-term thing so I doubt with an 80% confidence that I will not abandon the mod. Even if the momentum was very small in comparison with my “infused 2 extended” mod but I still have some love for it.


Outside modding

like I stated before I am currently learning fallout 4 modding as well on the side, so because of the current hold on my main project ill probably focus back on that end of modding. Ill keep everyone posted for sure!


Other Projects

Very weird to mention this but I have many ideas for games, board games and mods and currently one that peaked my interest and the interest of a few friends was a card game I was making, its designed, rules are in place, I just want to make a WIP card game to playtest with my friends to see if it has potential to become something big, or just improve it a little bit, or just scrap it.