Good day Everyone! hopefully everyone has been doing well these past weeks, on my end it has been good progress is being made BUT the mod i was working on needed way more design than i thought and while i was working on the design i decided to play a few other games to see where else i could get inspiration from and i did manage to get some inspiration from a game! my end goal is going to be difficult but so far Ive been collecting sounds and creating art from scratch for the other mod I'm working on! the one i mentioned in the previous progress update is still being developed by myself its just on the back burner for now while i still crunch the numbers since like i maybe mentioned it was going to be a big one! but this new one I'm working on is way smaller so it should pop up soon, i just need more sounds and finish the art, the sound collecting is pretty difficult since the files are encrypted xD, and the infusions expansion hit 2K users recently so im pretty excited and glad for all the support once again!